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Round 01: Entries || Votes || Results || Banners by julie_weasley and unicornhime
Round 02: Entries || Votes A/B || Results || Banners by meteor_wish and nyaza
Round 03: Entries || Votes A/B || Results || Banners by ilovechaos and thracie
Round 04: Entries || Votes || Results || Banners by fanplastico
Round 05: Entries || Votes || Results || Banners by bipagan
Round 06: Entries || Votes || Results || Banners by vaguelyclear
Round 07: Entries || Votes || Results || Banners by mystic_junkie
Round 08: Entries || Votes || Results || Banners by thracie
Round 09: Entries || Votes || Results || Banners by breighan
Round 10: Entries || Votes || Results || Banners by nyaza

Bonus Round 01: Entries || Votes || Results || Banners by rhye
Bonus Round 02: Entries || Votes || Results || Banners by realdetective
Bonus Round 03: Entries || Votes || Results || Banners by quiet_teaparty

Overall Challenge: Results & Banners by chefs_d_oeuvre

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Introduction +
Welcome to the twiconathon, created by chefs_d_oeuvre. The Twiconathon is a community celebrating a new, more flexible, version of the very popular LIMS. Don't like worrying about having to submit an icon when you have real life to attend to? Tired of getting kicked out just because you had one bad icon round? Sick of not being recognized for your participation? And fed up that every time you go to sign up for a LIMS you've missed the deadline?
Here's how an iconathon, and more specifically how the TWICONATHON seeks to amend these issues:

[*] AN ICONATHON IS BASED ON CUMMULATIVE POINTS. This means you can pick what challenges to enter, when to vote, etc. and still have a chance of winning. You can have a bad icon round and still recover. You don't have to worry about whether you can skip, etc. As long as you keep track of your points, you can figure out how to play the game.
[*] YOU CAN SIGN UP ANY TIME DURING THE CHALLENGE. Because it is based on cumulative points, you may enter any time during the competition. Obviously, the sooner you join in, the sooner you can start earning points. But there will be three (3) bonus rounds given out sporadically during the challenges to help people earn any much-needed points.
[*] LOYALTY AND COMMITMENT ARE NOT OVERLOOKED. You don't need to place every round to win the challenge. As fully laid out below, this community awards points for participation, voting, and spreading the challenge love.
[*] SPREAD THE LOVE, NOT THE GLOOM. Let's be honest--it sucks to be eliminated. And it truly doesn't help when you see how many people voted negatively for your work and write comments on why it's crappy. Here at this community, we celebrate the favorites and forgive the less than stellar. Translation: Only positive votes allowed.
Tentative Schedule +
(All times US Central Standard Time)

M: New round posted. Voting for previous round is posted.
Tu: Round continues and voting continues.
W: Round continues. Voting ends at 11:59 pm.
Th: Round continues. Mid-week reminder.
F: Round continues. Results from previous round posted, rankings/points updated.
Sa: Round continues, 24-hour reminder.
Su: Round ends at 11:59 pm.
General Guidelines +
[01.] In order to participate, you must be a member of the community and your username must be on the participant's list. To sign up, go to the sign-up post (which can be found through tags or via link from the main page).
[02.] Any icon you submit must meet LiveJournal's requirements—100x100 or less; 40KB or less; JPEG, PNG, GIF.
[03.] All icons must be new, no pre-made icons can be submitted.
[04.] Do not post your icon anywhere until the results for that round have been posted.
[05.] Please do not have anyone vote for your icon nor should you vote for yourself.
[06.] When you submit your icon, please comment to the round post with both the IMG SRC and URL links. It should look something like this:


[07.] When I go to post the results, I will tally up the votes and you will be given a point update (which will also be available in a separate post).
[08.] Each challenge will consist of ten main rounds and three bonus rounds. When I post each round, I will list how many icons may be submitted, the theme, and the deadline.
Point System +

>> You will receive one point just for signing up.

Round points

>> You will receive one point for every round you enter.
>> You will receiveone point for every round you vote.
>> You will receive three, two, or one point(s) for every vote your icon receives (for first, second or third).
>> If you receive first place, you earn an additional five points.
>> If you receive second place, you earn an additional four points.
>> If you receive third place, you earn an additional three points.
>> If you receive mod's choice or a special category award, you earn an additional two points.
>> For the final round of every challenge, all points will be doubled.

Bonus Points

>> You will receive three points if you sign up to be a banner maker for one round.
* There are 20 spots for banner makers (10 rounds, 3 bonuses, 7 alternates) based on a "first come, first serve" basis.
* Each banner maker will have exactly two weeks from their corresponding results posting to turn in banners. If I do not hear anything after a week, an alternate will be assigned to take over.
* Banners must have the following on them: (1) Twiconathon; (2) Challenge 3; (3) Round (fill in) and/or the Round Name; and (4) the winning icon and maker’s name.
* Banners may be posted directly or sent to me via PM. Please use the following subject header when posting directly: Challenge 3—Round (fill in)--Banners

>> You will earn one to three point(s) for community promotion (link to be provided as evidence under the “Rankings” post).
* One point will be awarded every time you post a promotion. You may post once a week per community or personal journal. Personal journals must be active and have friends in order to be counted.
* Two points will be awarded if a vote is made as a result of your promotion. Please make sure you note when you post your voting promo to tell people to refer your name at the end of their vote.
* Three points will be awarded if someone signs up for the challenge as a result of your post. Please make sure you note when you post your promo to mention your name at the end of their vote.
Challenge 3 Specifics +
[01.] The first round of Challenge Three will begin MONDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2008.
[02.] Challenge 3 will be dedicated solely to Twilight Fan Art. All Fan Art will be provided for you under the “Resources” tab found at the top of the site, and you may only use these approved sources.
[03.] All artists listed under “Resources” have given permission for the use of their work FOR THE CHALLENGE 3 TWICONATHON ONLY. If you’d like to make additional icons or derivatives, please contact them for approval (which they will most likely give if you ask nicely).
[04.] Please remember to credit the original source work when you post your icons elsewhere. The ability for the Twiconathon to continue using Fan Art depends on our makers' integrity.
[05.] The challenge will be a mix of theme (i.e. "Couples"), style (i.e. "b&w"), or artist-specific (i.e. "vaguelyclear") rounds.
[06.] Because Fan Art does have its limitations and we could be risking repetition, this Challenge will incorporate an additional twist to encourage ongoing participation, voting, and promotion. After every round, the 1-3 winners and Mod's Choice will have 24 hours after the results have been posted to give me their choice for the next round. It may be as vague as "Theme Challenge" to very specific like "b&w hush icons by meteor_wish". I will then chose my favorite of those given to me for the next round. Whether or not this gives them an edge, who knows? But let's shake things up a bit...
[07.] It's a pain in my little arse to track down everyone who doesn't remember to do the requested subject line, so I'm just having faith in you. So have fun and ask questions if need be!

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