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Twiconathon--Twilight LIMS with a twist
Challenge Three--Fan Art
3rd-Jan-2009 10:30 am - Challenge 3--Bonus 3--Final Reminder
This is your final reminder for Bonus 3--Challenge 4 Header.  We have 7 really cool headers from 7 members!  You have 36+ hours left to get your entries in.  And you know you want to enter this time, since the winning header decides the next challenge's theme!

The Mood Theme challenge
is still going on, as well.

Per tradition, I was sick for New Years.  Well, not really, but injured.  I slipped on black ice and had a concussion and some bad bruises, so my mobility and mental awareness was not stellar.  Bah.

We'll be back to normal here at the Twiconathon starting this upcoming week, so don't forget!

This is mid-round reminder for Bonus 3--Challenge 4 Header.  We only have 3 really banners from 3 members!  You have a week left to get your entries in.  And you know you want to enter this time, since the winning header decides the next challenge's theme!

The Mood Theme challenge
is still going on for one more week, as well.

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays.  I've been eating too much, watching a lot of movies, and packing since I'm moving in a month.  But, I'll tally up Round 8 and all your bonus points thus far and post them tonight or tomorrow.  And I keep forgetting, but I'll post all the banners and update links, etc. the same time.

Have a safe and Happy New Year!

Here it is--our last bonus round. For our veteran makers, you should probably know what to expect--that's right, it's header time! Our wonderful current header made by nyaza will be retired at the end of the challenge, so we'll need a new one to use for Challenge Four!

However, there are a few twists this time round. First off, you'll have two weeks to submit an entry--plenty of time to make a stunner and think through it. Second of all, I will break tradition and give at least one reminder (half way through) since this is an extra long submission period, so it's easy to forget in the holiday craze. Third, and most importantly, the header you make will be extremely important because it will decide the overall Challenge Four theme.

To clarify, the header you make should represent or incorporate what your Challenge Four idea. For example, our current header works perfectly for Challenge Three because its focal point is a work of fan art. Thus, if you decide you want Challenge Four to be all about Breaking Dawn, you might incorporate Nessie or all the different Clans. Similarly, if you want a Dream Team challenge, your header might feature actors/models who aren't the official movie cast.

In case you are stuck for challenge ideas, I have included a very long and detailed list of possible challenge ideas. Please read all the rules as they are quite specific. And of course, don't hesitate to ask questions.

I'm looking forward to seeing all your headers and prospective Challenge Four ideas!

Icons are due by Monday, January 5, 2009 at 12:01 AM US CENTRAL STANDARD TIME.



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22nd-Dec-2008 12:35 am - Challenge 3--Round 8--Voting
Just six entries this round, but six really well-designed and funny icons. Thanks to those who participated for keeping things afloat--I hope you are rewarded for your efforts. :)

Please vote for your THREE (3) favorite icons (ranked) AND explain your reasons in a screened comment to this post.
Submissions that do not have three ranked votes w/three reasons and the special categories will not be counted.
No voting for yourself, no soliciting votes for yourself, no telling people which icons are yours, and no sabotaging others. No posting of your icons until the results have been posted.
♥ Voting is open to anyone, not just members. Participants who vote will earn (1) point.

Voting Tally (Cut and Paste if you wish):


- FIRST PLACE: # because

- SECOND PLACE: # because
- THIRD PLACE: # because

♥ DISCLAIMER: The icons seen here are sole ownership of their makers. Do not copy, alter, or use without their permission. Base work done by the approved list of twiconathon fanartists.
♥ Provided we get enough votes and no ties, voting will end SUNDAY, DECEMBER 28, 11:59 PM US CENTRAL TIME

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21st-Dec-2008 11:01 pm - Challenge 3--Points Reminder
We're about to slow down things for the holiday break (Hope everyone has a great one, btw), and I wanted to take the time to remind you of all the ways you can earn points.  Some of you may have more time over the next few weeks and may want to catch up on lost time, other may want to reevaluate their strategy, and other might not give a flip and can skip this point.

Take a look at the points right now and you'll see that the top ten, and in particular our top 5, is pretty thinly distributed.  There are plenty of ways people can move up the rankings, catch up, build a safety net, etc. before the end of the Challenge with a little extra effort.  We still have over a month to go, so if you aren't happy with where you stand here's how you can change that:
  1. Entering Rounds--Obviously, this is the big one.  We have B3, and Round 9 and 10 to go.  You'll have two weeks to try and get B3 in, and don't forget Round 10 is worth double points.  Otherwise, you earn one point for entering, points for received votes, and 2-5 points if you place or get a special category.
  2. Voting--you earn one point (or two for round 10) for voting.  Small, but it's a fairly simple process and some challenges have come down to only a few points.
  3. Promotions--You can earn multiple points per week for promotions (depending on how much you and your friends do).  One point is given automatically for promoting this site, two points are earned for every vote you bring in, and three points is earned for every new member/participant you bring in (remind them to tell me they were referred by you so I can give you points).  See the Rules for further info.
  4. Movie Bonus--That's still in effect, ya'll.  You can earn up to 14 points depending on how hard-core and crazy you are.  See Spam #9 for further info.
  5. Mood Theme Bonus--That's open for the next two weeks or until all moods are completed, whichever comes first.  You can earn up to three points a day.  See HERE for full details.
I hope this helps some of you and we see some more friendly or familiar faces over the holiday break.  For those taking a mini-hiatus, have a wonderful and safe holiday break!  And don't forget to check the schedule to see what you are missing and when to come back!

For those who are sticking around, yay!  I hope you have fun and stop by and chat with me via my LJ or the Spam.  I hope to catch up over the next two weeks with all my communities, f-list, and my posts.

Wishing you all a Happy Holidays,

21st-Dec-2008 10:57 am - Challenge 3--Round 8--Final Reminder
This is your final reminder for Round 8--Caption me this.  We only have 3 really nice entry from 3 members! 13 hours to go--plenty of time to get one little icon in!


Icons are due by Monday, December 22, at 12:01 AM US CENTRAL STANDARD TIME

19th-Dec-2008 11:18 pm - Challenge 3--Round 7--Results
A very well-spread and generous round for all who participated. Every icon received at least one vote, and the points were fairly well distributed. So those few who entered got a nice healthy portion of points added. And it was great to see some old friends come back from Final Exam hell and revisit us.

I've added in all bonus points requests, and so we are seeing some larger margins appear. Our top 10, though, is still very close. We have a month and a half left on this challenge and there are many ways you can catch up or build a safety net. I'll post a list of ways to earn points probably later this weekend to help you all remember them, in case you guys want to fine tune your game plans and take advantage of the holiday break.

Many congrats to our winners. And to those who are leaving us for the next couple of weeks until Round 9, have a safe and joyous holiday break! :)

Results...Collapse )
This is your final reminder for Round 8--Caption me this.  We only have 1 really nice entry from 1 member! I know times are crazy, but don't forget your entry!


Icons are due by Monday, December 22, at 12:01 AM US CENTRAL STANDARD TIME

I am working on tallying up votes and bonus points and hope to get your updated scores and banners up to you all tomorrow.  Hope all you people in the States are keeping warm and being safe on the roads!  And that all of you are having fun getting ready for Xmas or Hanukkah!

15th-Dec-2008 04:03 am - Challenge 3--Round 7--Voting

A rather low turnout, but with the holiday season drawing near it was better than I thought it was going to be. Still, nine entries isn't enough to include any special categories.

There were some really original icons here. You all seem to compensate for the lack of artwork color by using interesting formats, layouts, and background textures. And, in my opinion, they all had a type of romantic, mystical feel about them. So great job to those who participated, and a huge thanks for keeping us chugging along!

Good luck!

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14th-Dec-2008 09:48 pm - Challenge 3--Round 8--Caption me this
Posting this a bit early--you have a couple hours left to get Round 7 icons in, but I'm getting sleepy.  :)

Here we go, Round 8--this will be the last regular round of 2008!  *Sniffle*  But don't fret for those worried about too much down time over the holidays--we'll do the last bonus round (which, is pretty awesome this time round) and the mood theme bonus then.

This week, our round was decided upon by fanplastico --so if you don't like it, abuse her (I kid, I kid.  We love her.)!  Her suggestion was to choose from a set of pics I have selected and create a funny caption to go along with it.  You can never have enough funny icons, can you?

Icons are due by Monday, December 22 at 12:01 AM US CENTRAL STANDARD TIME.


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