Challenge Four LJ Header Wanted

Hi all, as promised I'm dedicating all this week to getting this community back up and running (as well as wrapping up Challenge 3).

I'm going to switch this icontest over to be group and individually focused to help accommodate those with busy schedules, as well as incorporate things that used to be bonuses as part of the regular challenge.  So all the pretty bonus banners from Challenge 3 are now worthless, sorry but they still are gorgeous).

Would anyone be nice enough to make a LJ header banner for this community?  It'd be much appreciated, and of course you would be credited.  It  needs to be 800 px wide and say somewhere "Twiconathon: Clash of the Covens", but that's it.

If you feel up to the challenge, just post a link to the image here, and I'll pick my fave and design the layout around it.  I won't be working on the layout probably until the end of this week since I need to wrap up Challenge Three, write new rules, set up new areas, etc.

Movie--HP--Moody's Moving Eye

Abusing my Mod Privileges---Cross Promotion

That's right, I'm cashing in on my Mod points (if their is such a thing, and if I even have any). I've taken hp_rumble over from another mod and spent the better part of a month setting everything up. First challenge starts Sept.2, and as I know many of you are also HP fans, I'd thought I'd post a link.

It has some things in same with the twiconathon , but a lot of it is different. Plus, this icontest is a group competition in addition to an individual one, for those who are about to get busy with school. So just click on the banner below and heck it out! Hope to see you there!

P.S. Once hp_rumble starts up on September 2, I'm refocusing my attentions back here, promise.  I've already started to recode things.  :)

Back From The Dead...Well Nearly

Yes, I am alive.  And I have returned to LJ after an extended, much unintended hiatus. 

To make a long story short, RL handed me an EPIC curve ball that pretty much made me forget about LJ, facebook, e-mail, the Internet in general.  Around the start of February this year, I was involved in a hit-and-run.  Unfortunately for me, I was the "hit" part of the equation, and I was on my bike.  I had my helmet, and I do live in a huge city, so luckily for me the car that hit me wasn't going too fast.  That being said, being hit at any speed isn't that great. 

I ended up with a few cracked ribs (which makes breathing really suck), a broken wrist/arm (I don't know why it's our instinct to stick out our hands to brace our fall because it never turns out well), a concussion, and bruises and scrapes.  For a few months, I honestly was unable physically to do anything computer related even if I had wanted to--my injured arm was my dominant hand.  Plus, I was experiencing the wonders of physical therapy.

On top of that, they caught the idiot who hit me (fleeing from a major intersection with cameras that take pictures of people running red lights is not the brightest idea), so I had to deal with a lot of legal issues.

But!  I'm all healed and getting back to the swing of things.   And I'm ready to continue running the twiconathon, that is if you all would like it to.  I'll be honest, I'm way out of the loop--I didn't care much for the first movie, so I took a break from Twilight anyhow, but the second movie sounds much more promising.  Plus I've missed you all (I'm still trying to catch up on my e-mail, but thanks to the few of you who wrote to see if I was still in existence).

So, to those people who are still actually checking in once and a while, is there still interest in this community.  My paid account expired while I was AWOL, so I have to update.  Plus, I'll need time to reconfigure things and redo pages.  There will be some major changes going down--I will be looking for at least one co-mod (maybe two) to help me out so this community won't go dead if something crazy like this happens again, the schedule will be adjusted to be more accommodating to my RL, and we'll probably go to every-other-week submissions because I know non summer months get really slow because people get busy with RL.  So, things won't probably be up and ready to go until Early-Mid August.  Although, if the makers of the Challenge that was going on when I left are still one, we can probably finish up the last round (we were on the last round, right?) in the next week or so.

So let me know if anyone is still here and wanting to continue.

I've missed you all, and I hope things have been great for you all!



Challenge 3--Round 9--Final reminder

This is your final reminder for Round 9--Crack Pairings.  We have avery awesome entries, but there's plenty of time more.  I won't be able to post the voting until sometime tomorrow, so you can have an additional 12 hours to post, making your new due date



Challenge 3--Round 9--Crack Pairings

Here we go--the last regular round for Challenge Three (since round 10 is double points). Did you all have a great break? Did you miss us here at the twiconathon ? I missed you guys.

This week's idea is from trickle --crack pairings. According to her, crack pairings is "
basically a theme where the icon is about a pairing that is not commonly shipped by fans and is considered hilarious. Such as Bella/Aro, Esme/Edward etc. (random xD)". So, in other words, it's time to celebrate apparent incest and abusive relationships. No, no, I kid, I kid. Have fun with thinking up the weirdest pairings you can. You can slash, too, just remember to keep things tasteful. No rated X icons for the young'ens who might browse here.

Icons are due by Monday, January 12 at 12:01 AM US CENTRAL STANDARD TIME.


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Challenge 3--Bonus 3--Voting

So, many great headers! The themes are very nice--Challenge 4 is going to be a lot of fun no matter which one ends up winning. Below is a very long list with s snapshot of the entries with a description of the maker's idea. To see the headers in their full glory either click the snapshot or look directly at the entire gallery.

Good luck and many thanks to our participants for all their hard work!

Please vote for your THREE (3) favorite headers (ranked). Reasons are not needed.
Sorry, no extra awards are given in Bonus Rounds.
No voting for yourself, no soliciting votes for yourself, no telling people which icons are yours, and no sabotaging others. No posting of your icons until the results have been posted.
Voting is open to anyone, not just members. Participants who vote will earn one (1) point.

♥ DISCLAIMER: The headers seen here are sole ownership of their makers. Do not copy, alter, or used without their permission.
Provided we get enough votes and no ties, voting will end THURSDAY, JANUARY 8, NOON US CENTRAL TIME

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Challenge 3--Round 8--Results

And we're back! I hope you had a wonderful holidays. I spent a good time of it relaxing and being as lazy as I could be, which pretty much meant I spent most of the time fishing my cats out of cardboard boxes since we're getting ready to move. :P

We still have the same top five, but the points are getting spread out. Don't get too comfy though--there are still unused bonus points hiding themselves, three voting rounds to go (one which is double points), and there are some people slowly climbing their way to the top. If you haven't participated much in the past few rounds and you want to keep your spot, now's the time to jump in!

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